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Smudging Herbs - Sweet Grass Braid - 24"

Smudging Herbs - Sweet Grass Braid - 24"

SKU: b05b6d04

Sweet Grass is considered a sacred plant and is used by traditional healers as a smudging herb in order to attract good spirits and positive energy. As its name implies, Sweet Grass has a sweet aroma when burned and is ideally used after the bitter purification of sage. In the Native American tradition, the tip of the grass is often burned at the beginning of a prayer or a ceremony to attract positive energy.

This braid is roughly 24” long, has a sweet aroma, and burns slowly, enabling its smoke to carry its properties throughout a large room or even during an outdoor ceremony. Our braids are hand-harvested and sun-dried under the California sun according to the environmental, sustainable, and traditional Native American method.

Our high-quality sage is known for its rich and pleasantly bitter scent and inherent qualities that are suitable for the spiritual and energetic purification of homes, meditation rooms, and people themselves.
It is used to purify and attract positive energy.

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