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6 Pocket Saddlebag Hanging Vertical Garden Fence Bag Planter

6 Pocket Saddlebag Hanging Vertical Garden Fence Bag Planter

SKU: 42e1c9f0

Do you have a fence, railing or balcony that needs sprucing up? We have the solution! For flowers, lettuce, herbs or other plants on your balcony or fence. Our soft felt-like Saddlebag planters are sturdy, portable and practical. . Just hang them over your fence, balcony, garden gate, anywhere. You don't have to attach it to anything so it's so easy.. Easy to use, lightweight, high quality, non-toxic, feels like soft felt but extra durable since they're made from 100% recycled PET plastic.

Dimensions: 33W X 27L (inches) Hanging: 33W X 13.5L (inches) on each side Pockets: 10W x 8L (inches) Each pocket is 10" wide X 8" deep

Cloth Pots and Vertical Planters create "Air Pruning" This process is only possible with cloth pots. . When plants' roots come in contact with the fabric, they are forced to penetrate and grow into the breathable fabric, causing the root tips to dehydrate and branch.when root tips meet the air on the outside. This causes "air pruning." This pruning process forces lateral branching of desired fibrous feeder roots. These fibrous roots are more productive in the uptake of water and nutrients, resulting in a more vigorous and healthy plant that utilizes the entire root for optimum plant growth. Cloth Pots and Vertical Planters give the plants more oxygen which facilitates nutrient uptake. Nutrients are vital to healthy plants. Nutrient absorption will only occur when oxygen is present. So, when you hear someone say the primary reason of oxygenating the root zone is to keep the plant from drowning, that is not necessarily true… It also keeps the plants from starving. Our cloth pots and planters help you keep those roots oxygenated and absorbing lots of nutrition for vigor and health.

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