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Grooms Kiss

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide a quality wedding officiant to anyone who needs one at an affordable rate. This is not a sales pitch. Marriage isn’t just about a man and a woman anymore and it isn’t just about whether you are affiliated with a church or not. Whom you marry or what your religious beliefs are should not make the act of getting married more complicated. It is our mission, in the State of West Virginia, to provide easy access to an officiant and to provide services and products available to all with the highest quality and affordability. To do this we abide by the following core principles:

Integrity – In everything we do, from our interactions with our clients to the products and services we offer, we pledge to do everything with transparency and honesty. We are human and make mistakes. We promise to do everything in our power to make it right and to do so with honest intent.

Acceptance – We accept everyone as a client with open arms, no matter their spiritual belief structure, sexual identity or preference, or political beliefs. With that said, we do not tolerate speech that is abusive to anyone for any reason. Bigotry has no place here, period.

Safety – The safety and health of both our clients and we are of paramount importance. COVID-19 has been a harsh reality for the last few years and continues to be in the foreseeable future. At a minimum, CDC recommendations will be followed at an in-person meeting or event. Additional precautions may be taken at the sole discretion of Appalachian Life Rituals.

Privacy – We will do everything within our power to protect the privacy of our clients. Appalachian Life Rituals will never sell a client’s information to any third party. We do share the necessary information for the delivery of any products ordered with the vendor or to any third party that may be involved in providing a service. Please refer to the terms and conditions as well as our privacy policy for additional information.

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